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Arnaud POITOU, Director of Centrale Nantes

For the last 90 years Centrale Nantes has aimed at training high scientific level leaders, managers and innovators fully active in the global environment.

In order to achieve that goal, Centrale Nantes has developed three trends:
- International, national and regional academic partnerships
- International, national and regional corporate partnerships
- Sustainable development

Thanks to its international development, Centrale Nantes now welcomes growing numbers of excellent students, researchers, and academics from partner institutions in more than 50 various countries.

The high quality of teaching and research - engineering training programmes, Master's Degrees and PhDs - is fully recognized by prestigious national, European and international institutions, particularly with Erasmus Mundus Master's Degrees and various attractive scholarships.

Centrale Nantes current network of 1,900 students bridges the gaps between education, research, development, and the corporate world.

Key figures

  • 1,900 students

1,200 engineering students
230 Master's students
220 PhD students
250 continuous training students
11,000 graduates

  • 150 teaching and research staff
  • 250 external lecturers
  • 150 administrative and technical staff 
  • 5 laboratories equipped with extensive scientific and technological facilities

A High-level School of Science

The Centrale Nantes was one of the very first schools to combine three activities within its structure: Education, Research and Industrial Studies.

Given these choices, it was natural for us to become an important institution for general engineering; the positions currently held by our alumni and the recognition of its educational standards by the corporate world are ample proof of the School's success.

According to L'Express and L'Etudiant Magazines, Ecole Centrale de Nantes appears in the TOP 11 of  200 French engineering Schools.

mise à jour le March 25, 2013

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