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Supporting the ambition and collaborative potential of three Ecoles Centrales

Within the context of budgetary restrictions and a strengthening of international competition, the support of alumni and companies in the development of our schools has become a major challenge. It is in this perspective that the Central Foundation Initiatives launches its annual campaign with ambitious goals.
The joint strategy adopted by three Ecoles Centrales (Lille, Marseille and Nantes) involves engaging in three joint programmes:

  • Solidarity and student life
  • Teaching and digital tools
  • Research and innovation

Our shared goal: to position ourselves together as a major national and international player. This objective necessarily implies stronger links with alumni networks, with industrial partners, associations, students and our environment. The foundation is an effective tool to boost such links and support this forward-looking project.

The Fondation Centrale Initiatives operates under the auspices of the Fondation de France. The support it lends adds value to the patronage and guarantees the donors' objectives.

The objectives of the Fondation Centrale Initiatives

  • Reinforce the international nature of training programmes
  • Consolidate research
  • Re-energize the network with increased involvement of partners
  • Foster generosity and innovation

Why give?

Your donation allows you to take an active role in the driving the development of the schools. 

Your support helps projects come alive.

How to give?

  • You can donate via secure online payment. You can consult your details and print your tax receipt on the Fondation de France website
  • Donations can also be made by cheque made payable to Fondation de France / Fondation Centrale Initiatives', and sent by post to the school. Upon receipt of your donation a tax receipt will be sent to you.

Fondation Centrale Initiatives
Ecole Centrale de Nantes
1 rue de la Noë
BP 92101
44321 Nantes Cedex 3

mise à jour le January 6, 2017

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