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Students share their experience

Videos of Student testimonials

Student testimonials for Double Degrees

  • Ishwarya SRIKANTH, from India Double Degree 2012 2014 - Anna UniversitySeptember 20, 2013

    "I chose Centrale Nantes through the double degree program during my 2nd year engineering program at Anna University, Chennai , India, as it is a very renowned and technologically advanced institution and its alumnis are well recognized for their skills in reputed Multi-National companies".

Student testimonials for Masters in Applied Mechanics and Civil engeering

  • Alireza JAVAHERI Msc Applied Mechanics - Materials process and Technology of Composites - 2009/2011

    Home University : Azat University, Iran

  • NURAHMI Latifah Msc SMA - Design of Systems and Products 2009/2011

    Home University : ITS Surabaya, Indonesia

  • WIKANTA Adrian Msc SMA - Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering 2011/2013

    Home University : ITB Bandung, Indonesia

  • SRIPIEN Apichan Master of Science in Computational Mechanics 2007/2009 (Erasmus Mundus)October 28, 2013

    Home University : Kasetsart University, Thailand

Student testimonials for EMARO and Masters in Control Engineering, Robotics and Applied Informatics

  • Yung I Master Erasmus Mundus EMARO 2010/2012October 28, 2013

    Home University : Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

  • AIMEDEE Fidele, from India Msc ASP 2010 2012December 9, 2010

    "The integration at Centrale Nantes is cool. I feel one among the Centrale Nantes family".

Student testimoniales for Master in Science and Techniques in Urban Environment

Student testimonials for PhD

  • RAI Prashant, from India PhD at GEM with EADSJuly 20, 2011

    The rigorous training and school's reputation helped me to obtain an internship at EADS in Bangalore resulting in an offer of collaborative doctorate at Centrale Nantes.

WEI (CHINA) - PhD student

                  HU Wei Chine

My name is HUWei, I am from China, I have spent three years here for PHD study. Ecole Centrale is school which is good at education and also researches. I really benefit a lot from the academic discussion with my tutor :professor Pierre-Yves Hicher and associate professor Dano Christophe. In my idea, study in a other country is not only the study of our own major, but also a study of another culture ,which will make us a international person and also this experience will become a good memory of our life. So French, this language ,is a good key for us to open the door of French culture.


TARA (USA) - Student in European Master on Advanced Robotics

Tara Bonner EMARO

My name is Tara Bonner and I am a new student at L'ecole Centrale de Nantes from the Unted States. I am enrolled in EMARO, an Erasmus Mundus Masters course in the field of adanced robotics. EMARO is a program that aims to bring students from around the world together in their studies of robotics. The program involves three universities; L'Ecole Cetrale de Nantes, the  University of Genova, and the Warsaw University of Technology. Each student in the program goes to two of the universities for one year.  All of the lessons are taught in English and a certain level is required to be admitted into the program.  At the end of the two years, the students receive Masters degrees from each university he/she attended.

I spent my first year in the EMARO program in Genova,  and  I consider the experiences I've had the past year in Italy invaluable. I feel fortunate and blessed to have been give the opportunity to study in different countries for long periods of time and to be immersed into different cultures. I am very impressed wit the city of Nantes and Centrale Ecole, and I look forward to spending the year here.

MARIA CECILIA (BRAZIL) - Double Degree student


Je m'appelle Maria Cecília, je suis brésilienne et je suis en deuxième année à Centrale en Double Diplôme.

Étudier à Centrale et vivre en France est pour moi une expérience inoubliable et très profonde. En plus de la formation de niveau très élevé que j'ai pu avoir, ici j'ai connu une culture très différente de la mienne.  J'ai eu la possibilité de montrer ma culture à d'autres personnes et, principalement, j'ai eu l'opportunité d'apprendre beaucoup et de changer mes valeurs et ma façon d'agir en société.              

PRABU (INDIA) - Phd student after an Erasmus Mundus Master

  Photo Prabu MAnoharan

I am MANOHARAN prabu, from India. I finished my Master in Computational Mechanics in ECN and at present I am continuing toward my doctoral degree in GeM Laboratory. When I reached Nantes, the reception I had was very impressive. I had my professor waiting in the bus stop to receive me and then a welcome meeting and an outing with students of ECN. Nantes is a calm, quiet and beautiful city. There are lots of fiesta and fun activities going around throughout the year. ECN is a research based school focused on specific subjects. The faculties are renowned for research in their subjects and the classes are up to date. The courses are easy to follow as they begin from the basics and are fruitful to enrich the knowledge on the subject. The time I spent with my professor during my mater project was a good learning curve and it helped me during my internship. During my internship I realized that Centrale students have good recognition outside. Very good school located in a beautiful city, I consider ECN as an Ideal place for learning.

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