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International Study Programmes

Around 30% of the student population at Centrale Nantes today are international students from over 70 different nationalities. Opportunities for international students at Centrale Nantes are available at graduate and post-graduate level within the following programmes:

  • Double Degree Programme
  • Exchange Year or Semester
  • Research Project
  • Masters
  • Advanced Masters
  • PhD

Double Degree Programme

International students selected by our partner institutions abroad to follow a double degree programme at Centrale Nantes during their studies spend two years here within the Centrale Nantes Engineering Programme.

Students return to their home institution to complete their studies and thereby graduate with the Centrale Nantes diplôme d'ingénieur  - equivalent to a Master's Degree in Engineering - in addition to the degree of their home institution.
At Centrale Nantes they follow one year of the common-core engineering syllabus and one year of technical and professional specialization.

Exchange Year or Semester

International students selected by our partner institutions abroad have the opportunity to spend one semester or one year of their studies at Centrale Nantes. They usually join the final year of the Engineering Programme choosing both a technical and a professional specialization, which allows them to obtain ECTS credits.

Research Project

Centrale Nantes also welcomes international students within our research laboratories for 4- to 6-month research projects or internships. Interested students are advised to contact the relevant research laboratory directly.


Centrale Nantes proposes 11 Masters, which combine high-level theoretical training with valued professional skills. In addition, three Erasmus Mundus Masters, recognized for their quality and excellence by the European Union, and two Advanced Masters complete the Centrale Nantes offer.


PhD opportunities are available through the two doctoral schools in which Centrale Nantes is involved: SPIGA: Engineering Sciences, Geosciences and Architecture and STIM - Mathematics Science and Information Technology.

mise à jour le October 7, 2015

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