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Exchange Program Application form : research stay programme

Personal information

  •     Identification
 Family name
 First name(s)

  •     Birth
 Date of birth
 City of birth
 Country of birth

  •     Personal permanent Address
 Street and number   
 Zip code and city
 Mobile phone


  Home university 

 Current studies

 Major subject/speciality in home university

  Name of the last obtained diploma
 Year of obtention

 French level 


Field of study you wish to pursue at Centrale Nantes

International coordinator

Name of the International Coordinator at home University

 Street and number 
 Zip code and city



 Date of arrival
 Date of departure


Centrale Nantes helps Exchange students to find an accommodation during their studies in Nantes. The rooms are located on and around the campus.
You will receive your housing application by email from the International Office.
 Do you wish to book a room in a student dormitory?


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