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The Masters

Your questions about it…

Masters of Science : Reputed for academic Excellence with its three Erasmus Mundus labels and strong industrial partnerships. How are they interntionally recognized ?

The official link of the school's website for Masters courses is
In this webpage, I have tried to organize the information in the form of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and guide you to the relevant links so that it is easier to find the information you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What type of Masters courses are available ? Where can find information about them?

             Centrale Nantes is primarily an engineering school. There are 2 types of Masters courses in Centrale Nantes, the "Masters" and "Masteres spécialisés" (literally translated as specialised masters, which is the year of specialisation during your Masters studies).

 International students can obtain all information regarding the "Masters" programs by clicking here. If you are interested in the "Masters spécialisés", please click here.

In addition, in the "Files" section of this group, we have uploaded all possible flyers of our "Masters" type courses as pdf files. However, we recommend downloading the course flyers by registering your details at this link of official school website, to be sure you have the updated ones.

2) Are all the Masters courses taught in english?

             No.Some of the Masters programs like the ones that come under the category of the Erasmus Mundus framework are taught entirely in english. For some other courses,the classes are taught completely in english in the first year(known as M1 in the french system) and then,the second year (called as M2 in the french system) will have most of the courses in french.

3) If I choose the courses not taught entirely in english, would it be difficult to follow the second year in french?

               The school offers french language training in the whole of the first year(M1), as a part of your official coursework. It is a matter of personal initiative and hard-work that can make things easier for you in your second year M2.

4) Can i apply for scholarships to pursue a particular Masters program? Where do i find information about scholarships?

            Yes. Of course. There are several scholarships that can help students with good academic records to pursue your Masters in Ecole Centrale de Nantes .Please consult this link
5) I am from a country outside the EU.Can I apply for Erasmus Mundus grants?

            YES. All International students including European citizens can apply for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Please consult here for the school's page on Erasmus Mundus. To see more details on the Erasmus Mundus,please go to their website directly from  here.
4) I am an European citizen/I am an non-EU citizen but already in Europe for work/internship .Am i eligible to apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarships?             
               European citizens and Non-EU nationals those who have lived in Europe, (but NOT for more than 1 year in the last five years) can apply to the Erasmus Mundus grants under a special category. However, the amount of the grant benefits will vary according to your particular category.Please consult here for the school's page on Erasmus Mundus. To see more details on the Erasmus Mundus,please go to their website directly from  here.
5) I heard that there are special scholarships for Chinese and Indian students.How do I apply for them?
           Yes. Indian students can apply for several attractive scholarships under the WILLPOWER scheme. And students from China can benefit from the TANDEM scheme.
6) How are the research opportunities in Centrale Nantes? 
             There is a research lab IRCCyN which is a division of the CNRS (French National Centre for scientific research) that is situated inside the campus of ECN. Please go to for get more information. For example, for the Masters course on Robotics, most of the lectures are given by researchers from IRCCyN, thus strong inter-relations between what you study in the classroom and practical research does exist.

However, the opportunities to do engage in real research with a Professor or other researchers while you are doing your coursework(during the actual semester) is very difficult, if not impossible. This is due to the number of courses each semester that you need to complete. The system is very different from other MS degrees elsewhere, like the US for example.

You should consult the details about the number of courses(modules) of each of your semesters, the content, assessment methods,etc. before taking a decision.

6) I want to pursue a PhD after my Masters? Is it possible?
            Absolutely. Please consult the PhD pages of our groups to find information concerning PhDs.
Note :If you find any broken links in this page, please report them by sending an email to Webmaster with the subject line "Centrale Nantes groups broken link". We will correct it and possibly send you an email when it is done.

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