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Transports à Nantes

The TAN is the company that organises the public transport network around Nantes and its surrounding suburbs. It enables you to travel by Bus and Tram.



Transport services work on every day (exception made of the 1st of May, Christmas, demonstration days ...) from 4h15 am until 00h30 the next day (2h30 on the Saturday).

But in order to travel legally you have to use a ticket. There are tickets that last for an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year depending on what you choose to use or what you need.

You shall be living in the school residence, therefore a yearly ticket will not necessarily be useful to you if you do not move around a lot.

The Students Bureau sells ticket books called carnets that come with 10 tickets. They come at a reduced price compared with the automatic machines and a valid for one hour after you stamp them when you get on the tram (there are machines you slide your ticket into AS SOON AS you get on). If you want any further information you can visit their site at

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