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Jean Leray Laboratory for Mathematics

Non linear PDE Scientific calculus Approximation Probability statistic


CONTACT of Centrale Nantes : Mazen SAAD

The Jean Leray laboratory for mathematics is a research unit run jointly with the CNRS (UMR 6629), the University of Nantes and Centrale Nantes.

The Applied Mathematics team includes mathematicians from the University and mathematicians from Centrale Nantes.

Its subject of research is the mathematical study of problems in physics and medicine, and their numerical approximation, using the expansion of a scientific supercomputing component, and more recently, probabilities and statistics.
The teachers/researchers of Centrale Nantes are particularly involved in theoretical and numerical studies of certain physical and mechanical problems, modeled with partial derivative non-linear equations. These equations can, for instance, represent the constitutional change of superconductive materials subject to magnetic fields, supersonic flows or rupture of a material.


  • Partial derivative equations and Mathematical physics (Responsible : Benoît Gréber)
  • Geometry and Analyzes Total (Responsible : Gilles Carron)
  • Probability/Statistics and Scientific Calculus (Responsible : Anne Philippe)
  • Topology, Geometry and Algebraic (Responsible : Vincent Franjou)

The teacher-researchers in mathematics of the Centrale Nantes belong to the Probability/Statistics and Scientific Calculus team.


Principal subjects of research in the Probability/Statistic and Scientific Calculus team:

  • Non linear PDE 
  • Scientific calculus
  • Approximation
  • Probability statistic

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