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High-level Research, a strategic axis

Research at Centrale Nantes is carried out in highly competetif laboratories internationally recognized collaborations with industry. All fields of investigation are related to the science of engineering, i.e. automatic control, robotics, tele-communication, oceanic engineering, mechanics of materials and calculation of structures and civil engineering.

Research and Training Programmes

Centrale Nantes is strongly implicated in the two doctoral schools.
  • The two schools are accredited in both the establishments. Centrale Nantes is involved in 4 MSc level Programmes and is starting two Master Programmes.

More than 100 industrial contracts are processed annually

More than 100 contracts are processed annually, in accordance with public bodies, large groups and small to medium sized businesses. These contracts represent 31% of the school's annual running costs budget.

Scientific Production

The scientific production each year, on average, leads to :
  • 50 publications in national or international specialist journals,
  • 15 articles in résumés,
  • 180 presentations to national or international congresses, reviewed and published,
  • 30 to 35 doctorate theses,
  • 50 contract reports

mise à jour le February 10, 2015


Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for PhD

Full scholarships funded by the European commission with

Bangladesh, Bouhtan, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaisia, Thailand

Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya

Armenia, Azerbaïdjan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine


Erasmus Mundus PhD

APPLY TO SEED : Joint PhD in
Simulation in Engineering and Entrepreneurship Development

with the support of the European Commission in the Erasmus Mundus framework.
Attractive full scholarships

PhD association

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