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Research Institute of Communication and Cybernetics of Nantes

Robotics, Image, Signal et Automatics, Mechanical and Productive Systems, Electronic Systems, Telecom and Radar.

IRCCyN is a CNRS Joint Research Unit. The research and development activities performed at IRCCyN cover a wide scientific spectrum which encompasses:
  • control of complex systems
  • signal and image processing
  • video communication and handwritten recognition
  • robotics
  • computer aided mechanical design
  • user oriented design
  • modelling and optimisation of production process
  • virtual engineering
  • real time systems
  • modelling and checking of embedded systems
  • bio-informatics
  • logistics and production systems
  • discrete event systems
  • cognitive psychology end ergonomics
Research at IRCCyN not only aims at producing new knowledge, but is also deeply technologically empowered in the sense that it focuses on the development of tools and methods in order to bring solutions to concrete problems raised by economical and social partners.

IRCCyN is constantly involved in many collaborative projects at the national level (with grants from ANR and FUI), and also in European projects and networks. IRCCyN is also academic partner with 10 competitive poles (French Pôles de compétitivitéPôles de compétitivité) among which: « Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées », « System@tic Paris Région », « Images & Réseaux », « Mov'eo », « iDforCAR » and « EMC2 ».

In the context of Investissements d'Avenir program, IRCCyN takes an active part in ROBOTEX (Equipment program in Robotics, including humanoids, production and mobile robots) as well as in Institut de Recherche Technologique (IRT) Jules Verne.

Today, the Institute employs approximately 260 people, of which 98 are researchers and lecturer-researchers, 105 PhD students and 18 are engineers, technicians or administrative staff.

Director : Michel Malabre

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Nicolas MOES

Tél. : 33 2 40 37 68 22

Nicolas MOES,
Dean of Research

Assistant Dean of Research

Research Officer

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