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Research Institute of Communication and Cybernetics of Nantes

Robotics, Image, Signal et Automatics, Mechanical and Productive Systems, Electronic Systems, Telecom and Radar.


DIRECTOR: Michel Malabre

  • Robotics, Image, Signal et Automatics (ISA) covers 3 teams : Command, Analysis and Decision in Signal Processing (ADTS), Image et Video Communications (IVC)
  • Mechanical and Productive Systems (SMP) covers 2 teams : Robotics and CMAO Productics (CMAOP)
  • Production Systems (SdP) composed of 3 teams : Analysis and Command of Discreet Events Systems (ACSED), Logistic and production Systems (SLP) and Real Time Systemsl (STR)
  • Electronic Systems, Telecom and Radar (SETRA) covers 2 teams : Telecommunication and Radar and Polarimetry

Today, the Institute employs approximately 190 people, of which 89 are researchers and lecturer-researchers, 82 are doctorates and 18 are engineers, technicians or administrative staff.

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mise à jour le February 10, 2015


Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for PhD

Full scholarships funded by the European commission with

Bangladesh, Bouhtan, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaisia, Thailand

Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya

Armenia, Azerbaïdjan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine


Erasmus Mundus PhD

APPLY TO SEED : Joint PhD in
Simulation in Engineering and Entrepreneurship Development

with the support of the European Commission in the Erasmus Mundus framework.
Attractive full scholarships

PhD association

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