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Soutenance de thèse - Ivanna PIVDIABLYK

Durabilité des performances mécaniques des assemblages boulonnés précontraints en composites dans un environnement hygro-thermo-mécanique

le 18 décembre 2019

Laboratoire : GeM

Directeur de thèse : Patrick ROZYCKI

La soutenance du doctorat aura lieu le 18 décembre à 10h00 dans l'amphithéâtre S, bâtiment S, à 10h00.

Extrait :

The present work, performed in collaboration with CETIM, is focused on the mechanical performance of preloaded bolted composite joints for automotive and aeronautical fields. Owing to controlled preload application, bolted joints occupy a significant segment in the industry. Working environmental conditions tend to vary over time, affecting sensitive to temperature and humidity thermoplastic composites. An estimation of out-of-plane elastic properties of composites is, therefore, essential for an accurate dimensioning of bolted joints. The objective of the thesis is to take into consideration and analyse the environmental impact on thermoplastic woven composite materials in order to ameliorate an analytical model for bolted composite joints.
Conditioning protocols are proposed for an accurate evaluation of material state at several Relative Humidity levels. Effect of humid ageing is investigated through the performed mechanical characterisation of a neat thermoplastic matrix and two woven composites. Numerical simulations provide the out-of-plane environment-related properties enabling the material compliance estimation. Mechanical testing of bolted composite joints is proposed to determine a loss of preload over time and to relate composite mechanical properties to the durability of joints.

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