Faurecia is a global leader in automative parts supply and the preferred partner of the world's largest car manufacturers.

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About Faurecia

A global leader in its three business areas:
  • Faurecia Seating: "Faurecia maintains a constant pace of innovation to provide automotive seating that is more efficient and inviting than ever: intelligent seat adjustment, customized comfort, new features...all without compromising on safety."
  • Interiors: "From the instrument panel to the door panels and center console, Faurecia can customize nearly every surface that contributes to the visual ambiance of the vehicle interior."
  • Faurecia Clean Mobility: "...Faurecia has contributed to the reduction of pollutant emissions by supplying carmakers with forward-looking solutions in emissions control as well as acoustic treatment, weight reduction and energy heat recovery."

Why the partnership with Centrale Nantes?

"Faurecia chose Centrale Nantes as a partner, as the school offers programmes on technologies linked to our activities and that lie at the heart of our expertise: industrial engineering, systems, materials, structures, dynamics of structures etc.

The goal is to increase our visibility among Centrale Nantes students, recent graduates and professors, in order to:

  • collaborate on teaching and research
  • develop research in partnership
We hope that the young graduates of Centrale Nantes will find challenges and opportunities at Faurecia." - Faurecia Group

  • Energy Production and Management 
  • Propulsion and Transport
  • Embedded Control and Power Grids
  • Mechanical Engineering for Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Product Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Computer Science


  • Perception and Sound Design
  • Manager, Leader, Communicator
  • Business Finance
  • Research and Development
  • International Business Development

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Examples of internships undertaken by Centrale Nantes students:

  • Operational internship
  • Development of a project management tool
  • Propulsion and energy
  • Design and mechatronics
  • Implementation and follow-up of an action plan for the optimization of transport
  • Monitor and manage product / process compliance: characterisation of the industrial development of new tools

Our alumni at Faurecia:

  • R&D Project Manager
  • Project Quality Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Lean Manufacturing and Faurecia Excellence Manager
  • Project Development Manager
  • Development Engineer
  • Product Design Project Manager
Published on December 6, 2017 Updated on December 6, 2017