RTE, (the French transmission system operator) is responsible for the French electricity transmission network, at the heart of the European market.

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About RTE

RTE is the largest network in Europe with 105 000km of power lines, between 63,000 and 400,000 volts and 50 cross-border lines.

RTE's primary role is to provide all its customers with access to economical, safe and clean electricity. For this purpose, RTE distributes electricity 24 hours a day throughout the country from electricity suppliers to consumers, whether they are distributors or producers directly connected to the transmission network.

Why the partnership with Centrale Nantes?

In place since 2006, the partnership between Centrale Nantes and RTE aims to:
  • promote the RTE company to the school and its students
  • allow students to discover the RTE engineering professions
  • encourage engineering apprenticeships

This partnership involves exchanges in the fields of:
  • automatic control
  • energy
  • industrial systems

  • Civil Engineering
  • Embedded Control and Power Grids
  • Mechanical Engineering for Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Computer Science



  • Research and Development

Career Prospects at RTE:

  • Operations Manager
  • Development and Engineering Research Manager
  • Development and Engineering Project Manager

RTE subsidiaries:

  • Arteria: development of digital systems with electrical grids
  • Airtelis: helicopter works on main infrastructure
  • iNelfe: setting up of a new electrical interconnection between France and Spain
  • RTE Immo: development of RTE property and assets
  • Cirteus: increase customer satisfaction with high quality services

Student testimonial:

Second year Engineering Internship
Operation Strategies Department

"[...] I discovered RTE thanks to the Forum Atlantique organized by Centrale Nantes. I had heard good things about the company (training, HR policy, work environment). [...] In January, I was re-contacted for a 6-month internship focused on the field of offshore renewable energies [...]

I work mainly on the development of renewable energies on the RTE transmission network. In particular, on the projects offshore from Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Nazaire, Fécamp and Courseulles-sur-Mer.

My internship mainly consisted of integrating these new energies into RTE's IT System, then drafting technical data sheets on different pieces of equipment specific to offshore wind.

[...] I have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of employees (the Expertise System Department in particular), but also to interact with those in the field. I enjoyed this interaction, which made it possible to combine theory with the reality of the field."
Published on December 7, 2017 Updated on December 7, 2017