Saipem is one of the world leaders in the oil and gas contracting services sector.

Key figures:


(in France in 2014)

About Saipem

Saipem is a global leader in drilling services as well as in the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of pipelines and complex projects on- and offshore in the oil and gas market.

The company is highly qualified to undertake operations in harsh environments, remote areas and in deep water. 

Saipem provides a full range of services with contracts on a EPC and/or EPCI (turnkey basis) and has distinctive capabilites and unique assets with the most advanced technologies.

Why the partnership with Centrale Nantes?

"After several years of collaboration, welcoming many interns and hiring many graduates from Centrale Nantes, we decided to renew our partnership with Centrale Nantes.

We joined forces to work together to improve the:
  • career preparation of Centrale Nantes students,
  • visibility of the company and its businesses,
  • attractiveness of engineering professions.
This partnership is an opportunity for us to give meaning to this collaboration and to build a truly close,
solid and sustainable relationship, with school and student representatives. "    -     Saipem

  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy Production and Management
  • Propulsion and Transport
  • Ocean: Hydrodynamics and Marine Engineering
  • Embedded Control and Power Grids
  • Mechanical Engineering for materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Modelling and Simulation in Mechanics
  • Computer Science



  • Manager, Leader, Communicator
  • Business Finance
  • Research and Development

Examples of internships undertaken by Centrale Nantes students:

  • Hydraulic design engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Installation analysis engineer
  • Naval architecture studies - optimization of the stability of FPSOs
  • Offshore wind floating trainee
  • Subsea seawater treatment engineer
  • Deep water methods engineer
  • Process engineer: CFD test validation

Our alumni at Saipem:

  • Onshore Project Technical Manager
  • Offshore Methods Lead
  • Project Procurement Manager
  • Project Manager Maritime Works
  • Packages Lead
  • Project Manager Offshore Operations
  • HSE Manager
  • Fabrication Project Engineer
  • Project Control Manager
  • Estimator
  • Process and System Innovator
  • Risers and Mooring Engineer
Published on December 7, 2017 Updated on December 8, 2017