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About Wavestone

In a world where permanent evolution is the key to success, Wavestone enlightens and supports today's and tomorrow's business leaders in making their most critical decsions.

In 2016, a major new player entered the consultancy sector: Wavestone. The result of the merger between two established and renowned firms, Wavestone capitalizes on several decades of experience in different but complementary fields: management consulting and digital and technological innovation consulting.



  • 800 young graduates recruited
  • 50% new recruits are engineering graduates
  • 350 interns
  • around 70% of interns are offered a permanent position

Examples of internships undertaken by Centrale Nantes students:

  • Blockchain: choice of architecture for a key IT account
  • Digitisation strategies
  • Chief Information Officer - risk management
  • Consulting on innovation funding
  • Consulting on Information System strategy and digital transformation

Our alumni at Wavestone

Over 20 Centrale Nantes graduates work for Wavestone across different business areas and at all levels (consultant, senior consultant, manager and senior manager) e.g.:
  • Marie - Manager, IT & Data Architecture, Nantes
  • Philip - Senior Manager, Digital and IT Strategy, Paris
  • Mathilde - Consultant, IT and Data Architecture, Paris
  • Raphaël - Senior Consultant, IT and Data Architecture, London
  • Petra - Consultant in Innovation Management and Funding, Paris
  • Alexandre - Manager in People & Change, Paris
  • Stéphanie - Senior Consultant, Nantes
  • Clément - Senior Manager,  Energy, Utilities & Transport, Paris

Course specialisations linked to Wavestone's business areas:

  • Computer Science
  • Management of Digital Business and Information Technology
  • Energy Production and Management
  • Digital City
  • Product Engineering
  • Mathematics and Applications
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manager, Leader, Communicator
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business Development
  • Business Finance


Wavestone demonstrates a unique ability to combine industry expertise, knowledge of business functions and technological skills.

  • Strategy
  • Innovation management & funding
  • Marketing, sales & customer experience
  • People & change
  • Finance & performance
  • Operations & supply chain

  • Financial services
  • Telecoms, media & entertainment
  • Consumer goods & retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy & utilities
  • Transportation & travel
  • Real estate
  • Public sector & international institutions

  • Digital & IT strategy
  • Digital &
 emerging technologies
  • IT & data architecture
  • Cybersecurity & digital trust
Published on December 11, 2017 Updated on February 20, 2020