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Centrale Nante’s myocontrolled bionic hand at the 2017 French National Day of Innovation in Health

IRCCyN’s myocontrolled bionic hand will be one of the numerous innovations in health on display at the Cité des Sciences from the 27th to 29th January for the 2nd Day of Innovation in Health co-organised by the French Ministry for Social Affairs and Health and by Universciences.

from January 27, 2017 to January 29, 2017

The myocontrolled bionic hand, the subject of ongoing research at IRCCyN (Communication and Cybernetics Research Institute of Nantes, involving Nantes University - Centrale Nantes - the National Centre for Scientific Research - Mines Nantes). Also on display: an artificial retina, connected prosthetics, surgical robots, new gene therapies, ageing simulators etc.

The programme includes:

-    sessions on changing professional practices, scientific and technological advances, daily life
-    targeted events (students, healthcare professionals, researchers, industry and project holders)
-    and new for 2017: scripted exhibits, visits for school children, student radio show, public vote, health start-up competition, hackathon.

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Published on January 4, 2017 Updated on March 21, 2017