Coronavirus Update - Centrale Nantes Campus

Since the start of lockdown on Friday 30 October, the campus has been closed to students (with minor exceptions).

on November 26, 2020

Following the announcements made by the French President on Tuesday 24 November, please note the following phases in the easing of lockdown restrictions:
  • a lifting of lockdown under consideration from 15 December (to be replaced by a nationwide curfew),
  • a reopening of university campuses for on-site teaching in early February 2021, at best.
If the lockdown is lifted in December, students will be able to return to Nantes at the beginning of January 2021. We will therefore be able to organise examinations (DS) as well as experimental practical work (TP) (i.e. requiring resources that cannot be used remotely) on campus.

Face-to-face teaching is planned for all spring semester courses.

All communication during lockdown, whether from teachers or the school administration, will be sent by email to school email addresses.

The procedure for reporting absences is modified during the period that the campus is closed to students:
  • Students should not report absences in advance
  • Teachers should report absences for graded sessions. Students recorded absent will receive an e-mail to justify their absence within the (usual) 5-day period.
  • Students are, of course, required to attend online courses
For staff
Teleworking is mandatory, except for staff who cannot carry out their work remotely. Access to campus will be by key card from Friday 30 October. From 15 December an employer's certificate (one-off or permanent) is no longer required for travel between home and office between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm. A certificate is required if you have to be present on campus before 6 am or after 8 pm for any reason. The effectiveness of these measures depends on everyone's cooperation.
Published on October 29, 2020 Updated on December 11, 2020