Coronavirus Update - Centrale Nantes Campus

Gradual resumption of teaching activities

on April 1, 2021

As of 8 February, the school is able to accommodate students on campus within a limit of 20% of overall capacity, and in compliance with health guidelines. Face-to-face teaching is encouraged where possible with priority afforded to tutorial and practical classes.

For students

The schedule for in-person classes will be updated on a regular basis. If in doubt contact your course supervisor.

If attending classes means that you need to travel between campus and your home during curfew hours, or if you live more than 10km from campus, you need to:
  •  download and fill out a certificate - check the reason 1) work, teaching and training (available on the government website or complete on the StopCovid application )
  •  carry your student card with you
  •  carry formal ID and evidence of the reason for travel (certificate available for enrolled students here).

School vacation
In line with the French President's announcements on 31 March, the school holidays,will be brought forward by one week: to Monday 19 April to Friday 23 April inclusive (the timetables will be updated shortly). Degree apprenticeship students are not affected by this change.

Face-to-face teaching is planned for all 2021/2022.

For staff

Teleworking is mandatory, except for staff who cannot carry out their work remotely. In-person meetings should be avoided. An employer's certificate is required for travel between home and campus during curfew hours and, as of 5 April 2021, for all staff who live more than 10km from campus.

The effectiveness of these measures depends on everyone's cooperation.
Published on October 29, 2020 Updated on April 1, 2021