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Replay: view the 2019 TEDx Centrale Nantes conference online

The six conferences of the TEDx held at Centrale Nantes on 9 February 2019 are now online.

on April 19, 2019

If you missed the TEDx Centrale Nantes in February 2019, or if you want to see any of the conferences again, the videos are now available on the TEDx Centrale Nantes Youtube channel. 

  • Emmanuelle Gagliardi: Shattering the glass ceiling and deploying gender diversity in companies

  • Butzi: "Millenials and their relationships with other generations"

  • Spencer Hawkridge: "Building a wall of books to tear down the wall of ignorance"

  • Jacob Karhu: "Back to our roots or how to live differently"

  • Yashar Naghdi (winner of the student contest): "Something in between"


  • Pierre Layrolle: "3D bio-printing of human tissue"

Published on April 19, 2019 Updated on December 4, 2019