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ICT in Education Team


Building on earlier initiatives in teaching support, the ICT in Education Department was created in 2015.


  • support the educational initiatives of teachers for the creation of digital resources
  • support remote access to resources for students
  • encourage the deployment of digital technology in education, on-site and remotely, for individuals and groups 
  • share feedback on new teaching techniques within the GEC, Alliance and with other teaching partners
  • consider innovative teaching techniques to internationalize "cutting-edge" teaching
  • devise new learning patterns that are in line with lifelong learning
  • Learn more about ICT at Centrale Nantes


Teaching seminars, teaching videos for energetics and fluid mechanics, electronic multiple choice tests for materials and mechanics, online evaluation of comptencies in  algorithmics and programming.


Affiliated institution(s)
Academic Affairs
Head: Morgan MAGNIN

Gwenaëlle LE MAUFF (
Romain PLOURDE (

Published on January 16, 2018 Updated on June 2, 2022