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The Student Life Department provides support for students in the areas of health, well-being, careers, social life, community life and campus life. It is organised by field of activity with a contact person for each field, regardless of the course of study (engineering programme, master's programme, degree apprenticeships, exchange programmes, etc.)
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Building E - Room E100/101


Affiliated institution(s)
Academic Affairs
Stéphanie Breuil, head of Student Life team

Hélène Derouineau, campus life, CVEC call for projects, associations, accommodation questions, well-being, welfare

Estelle Bénéteau, careers information activities; support for finding internships, degree apprenticeships and first employment; organisation of events

Émilie Guyot, individual and group coaching on careers and professional posture
Published on November 9, 2021 Updated on March 3, 2023