Double Degree in Engineering and Management

In partnership with Audencia Business School

A four-year programme

  • 2 years at Centrale Nantes
  • 3rd and 4th years at Audencia, comprising one semester - Introduction to Management, a specialisation semester, a period of study abroad and a final internship in a company.

Selection of applicants

An information session is organised for all interested students at the beginning of the second year of the engineering programme. Students are then required to demonstrate their interest and motivation for this double degree. Applicants are selected based on their completed application form and subsequent interview at Audencia. 

What our graduates say

Carole L. - Double degree in Engineering and Management

I have always been interested in management. That's why Centrale Nantes, with the option of a double degree with Audencia, seemed the obvious choice. Dual competences such as Engineering and Management are very sought after today. Understanding, creating and leveraging synergies among the three major components (production/finance/trade) of a company is a real asset.

At Centrale Nantes I tackled the technical aspects of companies, especially their key competence, while at Audencia I approached the company operations through the support functions such as finance or management. I am confident that this double degree offers an opportunity for every student to embark on the world of work with a complete background and an understanding of the company as a whole.

I recommend this double degree to all students who need this global vision of the company to understand and exploit their added value."
Published on March 8, 2017 Updated on February 18, 2020