Pursual of studies in medecine

2016 marked the introduction at Centrale Nantes of a new course offering:
  • For all our engineering students, the possibility to follow a biology course from the first year of the programme,
  • For some, the opportunity to choose a healthcare specialisation (Digital Sciences for Life Sciences and Healthcare), aimed at providing advanced training in the transdisciplinary field of digital sciences and technologies for applications to life sciences and healthcare,
  • For a select few, an opening towards medical school.

Continue your studies in medicine at Nantes University Hospital

Thanks to a partnership with the Nantes Faculty of Medicine, engineering students who have completed their studies at Centrale Nantes can apply directly to Nantes University Hospital to continue their studies in medicine.

Nantes University Hospital will assess your application and your motivation. To be eligible to apply, it is compulsory to follow the Biology course in the first year at Centrale Nantes, and it is strongly recommended to follow the healthcare specialisation in the second or third year. Should your application be successful and provided that you have graduated from Centrale Nantes, you will join the third year of medical school.
Published on March 8, 2017 Updated on January 17, 2021