Enrolment - First year engineering programme

Start dates for the new academic year

First year: Monday 4 September 2017 at 8.30 am
Second Year: Friday 1 September 2017 at 10.00 am
Third Year: Friday 1 September 2017 at 11.00 am


Qualified applicants (admissibles) will receive an enrolment form and information pack in June.
Applicants who accept their place online (oui définitif) are required to return their enrolment form to the Student Affairs Office. Please fill out the form legibly and enclose the required supporting documents in the envelope provided. Your name and specific admission route (concours) must recorded on the envelope.


  • ID: photocopy of passport, ID card or driving licence
  • Photocopy of educational qualifications (high school diploma etc...)
  • 1 passport photo (to staple to the enrolment form)
  • Proof of civil liability insurance (attestation de responsabilité civile) covering the student for internships (see information sheet)
  • Certificate confirming participation in the Defence and Citizenship Day (Journée Défense et Citoyenneté), for French nationals
  • Medical certificate authorising participation in sports activities - MUST BE PROVIDED BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF TERM
  • Conditional notification of a scholarship award for scholarship students
  • Cheque for the payment of tuition fees or form requesting payment by instalments - click here for further information.
  • Membership forms (optional) for student associations and Centrale Nantes alumni: click here for further information.
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