Student projects

Hydrocontest, an international student project
From July 24th to 31st, 250 students and 24 teams - competed to come up with, make and sail an innovative boat. Centrale Nantes HydroProject may have been an outsider, but it came through as the winning team. The choice of prototype made entirely from carbon and epoxy resin (both ultra light and resistant composite materials) was a risk well worth taking!

New projects for the 2017 edition
This first victory with this lightweight boat is a promising start. The team is already working on the development of carbon foils that will allow the boat to "fly" on water,  thus significantly increasing its performance in view of the 2017 competition.
The objective of Centrale Nantes Saidrone, an association of some fifteen students from Centrale Nantes, is somewhat singular: to have a sailing boat cross the Atlantic in full  autonomy!
The context is the international Microtransat challenge, launched 10 years ago and yet to be met. The team has been working on this challenge for two years now and is moving towards the ultimate accolade for the project, the transatlantic crossing!

To prepare their drone for the crossing in full autonomy, Centrale Nantes Saildrone team carried out tests on lakes and in the school's ocean test facilities. Everything went smoothly. The tests were conclusive: the boat follows the trajectory dictated by the computer and the energy produced by the solar panel is in line with the team's expectations.
The final goal: to be the first to make the transatlantic crossing!
Solar Decathlon
Alongside ensa Nantes, the Ecole du Bois, Audencia and other higher education institutions in Nantes, Centrale Nantes participated in 2014 in the "Solar Decathlon Europe" competition. It is an international competition in architecture, design, urbanism and engineering open to university teams. Each team presents its energy-efficient house, and all projects are evaluated through various tests: architecture, engineering, energy balance, innovation and communication.
Published on March 27, 2017 Updated on October 11, 2018