Science Village 2019: Engineering sciences

Workshop   - Strange breaks: what happens when materials break, tear, fatigue • GEM (University of Nantes - Centrale Nantes - CNRS)

Why do we say that paper tears and glass breaks rather than the other way around? Can we predict into how many pieces a plate would break or how long it takes for a rubber band to break?
In this workshop, using everyday objects (paper, sweets), we will observe different modes of fracture that is to say the different ways in which an object breaks apart. We will see that researchers sometimes use probabilities to study structure failure by asking the following question: what is the chance / risk that the object breaks?

Visit - Towing & Ocean Engineering Tanks • Centrale Nantes

Towing tank: 140 m long, 5 m wide and 3 m deep, equipped with a traction carriage to test the performance of ship hulls. Indispensable for naval design testing and innovation.
Wave tank: 50 m long, 30 m wide and 5 m deep with a 10m-deep central shaft, the largest tnak in France for testing of this type. Its wave generator reproduces the strong and complex swell encountered in the world's oceans. It is equipped with a wind generator that simulates the extreme conditions to which marine structures are subjected (ships, oil rigs, floating wind turbines, etc.).

Visit - Dynamic and Static Test Centre • Centrale Nantes

Test facilities for the dynamic characterization of materials, on impact and in crashes (cannons, crossbow, drop shaft etc)

Visit - Atmospheric wind tunnel and aerodynamic wind tunnel • Centrale Nantes

Large atmospheric wind tunnel: (26m long, 2m x 2m cross-section) to reproduce the atmospheric flows in urban environments and around offshore wind turbines.
Aerodynamic wind tunnel: currently used to study on a smaller scale the flows around wind turbine blades.

Visit - Computer-integrated manufacturing • Centrale Nantes

From product design to industrialization: presentation of the integrated development of products and processes and machining on multi-axis CNC machine tools, three-dimensional measurement with and without contact, form digitisation and rapid prototyping parts display. Robot-guided machining.

Visit -  Rapid Manufacturing Platform • Centrale Nantes

Additive manufacturing by laser fusion - robotic welding. The platform brings together several different manufacturing processes: additive manufacturing, machining, forming, welding, bioprinting.

Visit - Robotics Platform • Centrale Nantes

Parallel robots: 3 and 5 axis Orthoglide platforms, IRSBot fast robot, low environmental impact robot, Dextar robot designer. Drones. Intelligent vehicles: demonstration in an urban environment. Driving simulator. Video presentation of an electric actuator and electro-pneumatic actuator.

Exhibition: developments over time in bonding, composites and new materials in aircraft construction • Patrimoine Nantais de la construction aéronautique

Published on September 19, 2019 Updated on November 19, 2019