Science Village 2019: life sciences

Workshop - Taste, scent, sensation • Inra & Oniris

Scientists prefer the word "flavour" to the more commonly used "taste". Flavour does not imply a single sensation, but rather the cascade of taste, olfactory and nervous perceptions that occur when we eat.

Workshop - Bacteria in our Food and Kitchens • Inra & Oniris

The public will get to know the little creatures that populate our food and our kitchens: bacteria. Some are rather nice while others leave us with very bad memories. Researchers at the UMR Inra-Oniris SECALIM will introduce them with fun activities - what do they look like, where do we find them?

Workshop - Spider mechanics • Collège Hector Berlioz

The spider: a scary, intriguing, fascinating animal. What is a spider for? The spider: an insect? How does it live? How does it move? Can we make a realistic spider robot? The pupils will try to answer all these questions.

Workshop - 3D journey within a wheat kernel • Inra & Oniris

As with medicine, 3D imaging and image analysis can help us understand the development of a wheat kernel. The public will be able to explore the surface and the interior of the kernel with 3D visualization software and 3D printing.
Published on September 19, 2019 Updated on November 19, 2019