Science Village 2019: Physics and Chemistry

Workshop - Once upon a time in chemistry • CEISAM (University of Nantes - CNRS)

From the discovery of fire to the advent of plastic, the history of humanity is closely linked to that of chemistry. CEISAM (University of Nantes - CNRS) gives you the opportunity to reproduce some of the most significant experiments hailed as turning points in the history of chemistry and science in general.

Workshop - The COSMIX case • Subatech (IMT Atlantique - CNRS - University of Nantes)

Although Victor Hess's discovery of cosmic rays dates back more than one hundred years (1912), many questions still remain unanswered: what are cosmic rays, how are they created and where do they come from?

Workshop - 500,000 billion particles pass through you every second! • Subatech (IMT Atlantique - CNRS - University of Nantes)

The KM3NeT (Cubic KiloMeter Neutrino Telescope) project - which will see two gigantic neutrino telescopes installed at depths of between 2500 and 3500 m in the Mediterranean, will try to discover the properties of the most elusive of known particles: the neutrino. Whilst Jules Verne travelled 20,000 leagues under the sea (80 km) to meet Captain Nemo, some neutrinos will have travelled hundreds of millions of light-years in space before interacting near the KM3NeT site ...

Workshop - Cloud Chamber • Subatech (IMT Atlantique - CNRS - University of Nantes)

The cloud chamber, also known as a Wilson cloud chamber, like the spark chamber, can be used to visualise cosmic radiation.

Workshop - Discover waves and their use • GéoEND Project - IFSTTAR

In this workshop you will discover - or rediscover - waves (sonic, elastic) through some fun experiments that will visualize certain wave phenomena.

Workshop - Energy in all its forms • Les Petits Débrouillards Grand Ouest

Heating, transport, communication, production ... we consume energy every day. Energy is conspicuous everywhere, it can be stored and converted, but it's running out. Come along to discover and transform energy!
Published on September 19, 2019 Updated on November 19, 2019