Industrial Research Chairs and Partnerships

In line with its commitment to integrated laboratory/industry research, Centrale Nantes is actively involved in the creation of international chairs with its partners:

Industrial Research Chairs

Siemens Digital Industries Software
Numerical simulation applied to fluid mechanics

MAN Energy Solutions
Gradual decarbonisation of marine propulsion and electricity generation

Renault Group
Propulsion performance of electric vehicles

Bureau Veritas
Significantly improve the safety and performance of ships of the future.

Modernise the formulation of cementitious materials and improve their energy balance.

Analysis and control of smart grids

Industrial Composites for Automotive Applications

Upcycling of structural thermoplastic composites

France Atlantique

Innovative intake manifolds and thermal management

First floating-wind turbine installed off the French coast - generating electricity since 2018.

Offshore green hydrogen production

Industrial Partnerships

Mervent 2025
A low-carbon ship for industrial transport
The project aims to design, build and operate the first container ship powered by hybrid sail/synthetic fuel that will reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50% by 2026 and which is adapted to an established market.
Decarbonisation of light commercial vehicles
The HyMot project focuses on an innovative technology: the hydrogen engine. By exploring the possibilities to convert an internal combustion engine to hydrogen, this project will demonstrate the feasibility of an alternative to electrification for light vehicles.

Previous chairs/partnerships

TNO - Centrale Nantes Chair
Dynamics of the coastal atmosphere
EADS - Centrale Nantes Chair
Advanced modelling and numerical simulation of manufacturing processes for composite structures for the aeronautics and space industry
ESI Group - Centrale Nantes Chair
Advanced Numerical Methods for the simulation of manufacturing processes
Stellantis - Centrale Nantes Chair
Digital simulation techniques for powertrain design

Renault - LMS, A Siemens Business - Centrale Nantes Chair
Exploring new technologies for combustion engines
Published on March 14, 2016 Updated on April 11, 2023