Centrale Digital Lab

What is Centrale Digital Lab?

It is an innovative training programme devised by the Ecoles Centrale Group (CentraleSupélec, Centrale Lyon, Centrale Nantes, Centrale Lille and Centrale Marseille). It is aimed at students who are studying engineering at school or university. It offers them the opportunity of a full year of training in the digital transformation of businesses within the context, for example, of a year in industry (or gap year).

What's different about it?

Throughout the year, students carry out team concrete projects in collaboration with partner companies of all sizes (start-ups, SMEs, mid-markets, large groups, local authorities, public and para-public services).  Skills (Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, Web Programming) are acquired through projects and not in lectures or in class. "Learning by doing" is the hallmark of this programme.

The Centrale Digital Lab programme is supported by the national Investments for the Future Programme and was awarded funding in the  "Disrupt 'Campus" call for projects proposed by BPI France.

Where is the Centrale Digital Lab?

Five sites in 2019: Paris, Lyon and Nantes, Lille and Marseille.

What does a year in the Centrale Digital Lab involve?

The programme for a student in the Centrale Digital Lab as follows:
  • a one-week introductory seminar on Artificial Intelligence
  • two seven-week team projects to develop an application prototype which addresses a real business need
  • an introductory seminar on the Digital Economy, followed by a third team project in collaboration with a company
  • a five-month internship

Course Content

  • Programming, database and Big Data for AI
  • User-centric prototyping
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • Product development
  • Digital economy
  • Monitoring of a digital transforming process
  • Internship

Published on April 11, 2018 Updated on July 1, 2021