Class of 2019 Graduation Ceremony - 6 December 2019


Future graduates, parents, families, alumni, professors, and representatives from industry and other bodies will gather at the Cité Nantes Events Center for this year's graduation ceremony. The ceremony features musical interludes and we'll hear from graduates on their studies and time abroad.


1.30 PM: Doors open to graduating students and their families. Sign-in of graduating students - Foyer 2000
2.30 PM: Graduation Ceremony Class of 2019 - Auditorium 2000
6.00 PM: Class photo
6.30 PM: Drinks reception - Foyer 2000


An individual slide is projected on the backdrop when each graduate appears on stage: as soon as you are ready you can send us your photo as well as your course specialisations and career plan (cf templates below) via the registration form.
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with photo without photo

Important information

All graduating students must bring valid ID (ID card or passport only) in order to collect their degree certificate. Photocopies are not be accepted, nor are driver's license, residence permit, Vitale card, student card...

Graduating students will be called up on stage according to their degree:
  • PhD
  • Masters
  • Advanced Masters
  • ITII degree apprenticeship
  • Double Degree
  • Engineering Programme (by final year specialisation)

Students who are graduating from the engineering programme and with a Master will be called up on to stage twice.

If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony

If you are unable to attend the ceremony, you can, after mid December:
  • collect your diploma in person at the 'Scolarité' office - proof of identity (ID card or passport) is required or

  • ask for your diploma to be sent by post (registered letter) by sending an email to or and providing:
    • If you live in France: a copy of your passport and your home address

    • If you live abroad: a copy of your passport, the address of nearest French Consulate or French Embassy, your postal and email address, and your phone number so that the Embassy can contact you easily once they receive your diploma.
NB: the diploma can not be collected by a third party.

Graduation ceremony live

Follow the graduation ceremony live on Centrale Nantes' web TV
  • on Friday 6 December from 2:30 pm

Published on September 18, 2017 Updated on December 4, 2019