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  • Guest Professor at Centrale Nantes: Prof. PETAR MINEV
    October 14, 2017 - December 14, 2017
    Prof PETAR MINEV, Director of the Applied Mathematics Institute, University of Alberta, Canada, is at Centrale Nantes from 14 October 2017 to 14 December 2017. He was invited by Thierry Coupez, member of faculty in the High Performance Computing Institute.
  • 4th call FORESEA for testing MRE technologies on SEM-REV
    October 16, 2017 - June 29, 2018
    The FORESEA programme (Funding Ocean Renewable Energy through Strategic European Action) has launched its 4th call for proposals. The FORESEA project aims to help bring ocean energy technologies to market by providing access to northwestern Europe’s world-leading network of test centres. Through the project, the performance of innovative ocean renewable energy technologies will be demonstrated in real sea conditions, helping to leverage the investment needed to take these new products to market.
  • Guest professor at Centrale Nantes: Prof. LAURENCE BRASSART
    November 20, 2017 - December 22, 2017
    Prof. LAURENCE BRASSART, Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University, in Australia, is at Centrale Nantes from 20 November 2017 to 22 December 2017. She was invited by Laurent Stainier, member of faculty in the Research Institute in Civil and Mechanical Engineering (GeM).
  • PhD Defense - Mohamad Hussein HOBBALLAH - ED SPI
    December 12, 2017
    "Conception multiobjectifs d'un isolant thermique biosourcé optimisé : du recueil des connaissances à l'aide à la décision interactive".(Multi-objective design of optimized biobased thermal insulation: from knowledge collection to interactive decision support)
  • PhD Defense - Chaofa ZHAO - ED SPI
    December 13, 2017
    "Modélisation multi-échelle des sols granulaires : de l'échelle des grains aux structures géotechniques". ("Multi-scale modelling of granular soils: from particle to geotechnical structure").
  • PhD Defense - Zexiang WU - ED SPI
    December 13, 2017
    "Modélisation du comportement des sables sous la condition de cisaillement simple et applications au calcul des pieux".(Modeling sand behaviour under simple shear condition and applications to pile calculations)
  • PhD Defense - Rohit PETHE - ED SPI
    December 14, 2017
    "Variational h-adaptation for strongly coupled problems in thermo-mechanics."
  • PhD Defense - Van Thang VU - ED SPI
    December 18, 2017
    "Étude expérimentale et numérique du comportement au gel et du dégel des enrobés bitumineux partiellement saturés".(Experimental and numerical study of the freezing and thawing behaviour of partially saturated bituminous mixtures.)
  • PhD Defense - Hélène CLEMOT - ED SPI
    December 18, 2017
    "Etude de l’intégration des systèmes houlomoteurs au réseau électrique - Développement d’un modèle de la vague au réseau électrique " (Study of the integration of wave energy systems into the electricity grid - Development of a model of the wave to the electrical network")
  • PhD Defense - Marie ROBERT - ED SPI
    December 18, 2017
    "Modélisation numérique du comportement hydroélastique des navires sur houle non linéaire"(Numerical modelling of the hydroelastic behavior of vessels in nonlinear waves)
  • A conference with SAMUEL COURGEY - "Les Matinales de la Transition Ecologique" (Ecological Transition Mornings)
    December 19, 2017
    See you on Tuesday 19th December, on the Centrale Nantes campus for the first edition of the "Matinales de la transition écologique" (Ecological Transition Mornings). On the programme - Samuel Courgey, project manager and specialist in insulation using natural materials, talks about his experience.
  • Cities and climate: Closing day of the RI-ADAPTCLIM Project
    February 21, 2018
    The RI-ADAPTCLIM project - International Network on Risk Assessment and Climatic Adaptation of Civil Engineering and Building Works - comes to end at the end of November. A closing day bringing together the partners (Centrale Nantes, University of Nantes, IFSTTAR, CSTB), PhD students and master students will be held on campus on 21 February 2018.

Last news

  • PhD Defense - Mohamad Hussein HOBBALLAH - ED SPI
    December 12, 2017
    "Conception multiobjectifs d'un isolant thermique biosourcé optimisé : du recueil des connaissances à l'aide à la décision interactive".(Multi-objective design of optimized biobased thermal insulation: from knowledge collection to interactive decision support)
  • PhD defense - Marina POPOVIC - ED SPI
    December 11, 2017
    "Potentiel des événements climatiques à l'échelle "pico" pour l'amélioration du confort thermique piétonnier". (Potential of climatic events at the "pico" scale for the improvement of pedestrian thermal comfort)
  • TedX Centrale Nantes: "A brave new world"
    December 9, 2017
    TEDx Centrale Nantes: "A new brave world" on campus on Saturday 9th December. Get your tickets now!
  • Accreditation to supervise research: Florent LAROCHE defense
    December 8, 2017
    Florent LAROCHE, lecturer and researcher at Centrale Nantes and member of the IS3P team of the LS2N Laboratory, will defend his 'accreditation to supervise research' at 9am on 8th December, in Lecture Theatre S, on the Centrale Nantes campus.
  • PhD Defense - Emna BEN ABDALLAH - ED MathSTIC
    December 7, 2017
    "Étude de la dynamique des réseaux biologiques : apprentissage des modèles, intégration des données temporelles et analyse formelle des propriétés dynamiques ."(Study of the dynamics of biological networks: model learning, temporal data integration and formal analysis of dynamic properties.)
  • Centrale Nantes stands out in the 2018 Étudiant ranking
    December 6, 2017
    Centrale Nantes confirms its excellence in the 2018 Étudiant ranking
  • Victor Contreau wins the Eurovia PFE Award
    December 5, 2017
    Congratulations to Victor Contreau - newly graduated from the Centrale Nantes degree apprenticeship programme in public works and construction - winner of the 2017 Graduation Project Challenge run by Eurovia, a subsidiary of the Vinci group.
  • Mazars Afterwork
    December 5, 2017
    An opportunity to meet Mazars staff in a unique setting!
  • PhD Defense - Bertrand MIANNAY - ED MathSTIC
    December 5, 2017
    "Analyse de réseaux de régulation par approches de coloration de graphes dans le cadre du myélome multiple." (Analysis of regulatory networks by graph staining approaches in the context of multiple myeloma)
  • A first in France: Centrale Nantes and Pôle Emploi offer an employment programme for PhD holders
    December 4, 2017
    Centrale Nantes and Pôle Emploi (Employment Centre) are testing an employment programme for PhD holders for the first time in France. A free and paid training course in "Skills for the business world" for PhD-qualified job-seekers in Loire Atlantique opens on Monday 4 December.
  • PhD Defense - Grégoire SORBA - ED SPI
    December 4, 2017
    "Étude expérimentale et modélisation numérique des écoulements de compression dans les composites stratifiés visqueux à plis discontinus".(Experimental Study and Numerical Modeling of Compression Flows in Viscose Composites with Discontinuous Folds).
  • Centrale Nantes is hosting the ‘Tour de France Agir Ensemble’
    December 4, 2017 - December 8, 2017
    Centrale Nantes will host the national operation of the ‘Tour de France Agir Ensemble’ (Act Together, tour of France) from 4 to 8 December. On campus you’ll be able to discuss climate and food issues and take part in educational and fun workshops on eco-friendly action.
  • Graduate Weekend - 1st to 3rd December 2017
    December 1, 2017 - December 3, 2017
    The Nantralien Weekend, co-organized by Centrale Nantes, Centrale Nantes Alumni and the “WEN” team, will take place from 1st to 3rd December 2017. #ShakeTheFuture #WENCentrale to share and follow the event online.
  • #RDCN2017: Graduation Ceremony
    December 1, 2017
    Future graduates, parents, families, alumni, professors, and representatives from industry and other bodies will gather at the Cité Nantes Events Center for this year's graduation ceremony. The ceremony features musical interludes and we'll hear from graduates on their studies and time abroad.
  • PhD Defense - Yann BRIHECHE - ED SPI
    November 30, 2017
    "Optimisation du maillage de la veille sur radar à balayage électronique à panneau fixe" (Network surveillance optimization on fixed-panel electronic scanning radar)
  • PhD Defense - Chiraz KHELIFI - ED SPI
    November 30, 2017
    "Adhérence et usure des pistes de roulement pour métros sur pneus"(Grip and wear of running tracks for rubber-tyred metros)
  • Festival AlimenTerre: film and debate on the consumption of insects
    November 29, 2017
    As part of the AlimenTerre documentary film festival, the Engineers Without Borders Nantes association invites you to watch the film "Bugs" on campus at 6:30 pm on Wednesday 29 November.
  • #Culture Semaine Q 2017: Cultural Week Programme
    November 27, 2017 - November 30, 2017
    As every year, the Student Arts Association offers students and staff the opportunity to showcase culture for a week of campus events. Discover the programme!
  • Qualifying rounds of the French Cross-Country Student Championships: two Centrale Nantes students on the podium
    November 23, 2017
    Congratulations to our students for their performances at the qualifying rounds of the French Cross-Country Student Championship (7 km). They won second and third place as well as the team event on 23 November in Le Mans.
  • PhD Defense - Vaiyee HUYNH - ED MathSTIC
    November 23, 2017
    "Stabilité posturale d'un exosquelette actif de jambes"(Postural stability of an active leg exoskeleton)
Published on March 21, 2017 Updated on November 17, 2017