"Mod Sim Academy": training in high performance computing

MOD-SIM Academy training programme

Designed for:
  • scientists & industrialists
  • supercomputer users
  • project managers and developers

  • make efficient use of the computing resources of a supercomputer
  • create high-performance applications to optimise use
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Module 1: Algorithms & programming

Course description
From algorithms to programming languages, a first step towards the use of C language for your simulation projects.
Keywords: algorithms - C language

Course Content
History of languages: know, understand and classify languages.

Algorithms: break down a problem and structure a programme by applying the rules for writing an algorithm

Programming language (C): translate and apply a loop in C language

Duration: 2½ days = 17½ hours
Dates: Contact us

Module 2: Introduction to high performance computing

Course description:
Perform a calculation with the Centrale Nantes Supercalculator using development tools
Keywords: High Performance Computing - Linux - SLURM - Parallel Architecture Typology

Course Content
ntroduction to HPC
Know and understand how to use a supercomputer
First steps on a supercomputer
Know basic Linux commands and understand SLURM scripts
Perform a calculation / simulation with LIGER

Duration : 2 days = 14 hours
Dates: Contact us

Module 3: User

Course description:
Implement and visualize projects: execution, compilation and visualization.
Keywords: Bash - Visualization - Acceleration - Parallel Efficiency

Course content:
Optimal use of a parallel application
Understand, identify and use parallel programming models - Implement calculation execution and compilation
Using Unix Linux (Bash)
Use the Linux environment when using a supercomputer
Visualization tools: understanding and manipulating parallel visualization software solutions

Duration: 38 ½ hours
Dates: Contact us


Module 4a: Developer

Course description:
Manage your project and optimize your development environment with tools like Git, Cmake and continuous integration.
Keywords: Versioning - Compilation - Process - Continuous Integration

Course Content:
Version Control with Git
Use the Git File Version Control Tool in Simulation Projects
Compilation (Cmake & library creation)
Build a project with Cmake
Continuous integration
Optimize the development cycle

Duration: 3 days - 21 hours
Dates: Contact us


Module 4b: Developer

Course description:
From parallel programming to object programming, develop your programmes by optimizing your codes.
Keywords: C ++ - OpenMP - MPI - Object Oriented - Performance - Debugging - GPU - CUDA

Course Content:
Object programming (C ++)
Understand the notion of object-oriented programming,
Apply and develop with the C ++ language in object programming
Parallel programming (OpenMP / MPI)
Develop parallel programmes in a shared memory & distributed memory environment
Code optimization: analyze, detect, correct and optimize the code
Graphics accelerators (GPU-Cuda)
Understand GPU accelerator architecture, programme and run CUDA calculations on GPU

Duration: 8 days - 56 hours
Dates: Contact us

Published on July 20, 2018 Updated on November 21, 2022