Training for Architects and Engineers

Centrale Nantes offers tailor-made training courses for engineers, architects, or other professionals working in construction or for the local planning authorities.


Module A: Managing the budgetary aspect of the construction economy
Module B: Materials performance, life cycle and regional anchoring
Module C: Optimization of Construction Systems

"BIM" TRACK (as referenced by Actalians)
  • BIM for Construction Economists: 6-7-8 February 2017
  • BIM Project Management: February 27-28 and March 1, 2017
  • BIM with REVIT over 10 days: March to June 2017
Module A: Getting started with REVIT / 14-15-16 March
Module B: The model under REVIT / 25-26 April and 9-10 May
Module C: Collaborative work with REVIT / 6-7-8 June

  • Find out from your OPCA (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé) how much of the cost they are prepared to cover.
  • For courses referenced by Actalians, over 80% of the cost of the training programme is covered for salaried staff in environmental professions.

What is Pôle Atlantique Executive Education?

From its creation in 2004, the Pôle Atlantique, and its founding members, ensa Nantes* and URCAUE* provided training to professionals working in planning and the living environment. Centrale Nantes joined forces with the Pôle Atlantique in 2016 to broaden and diversify the training offered in order to meet new challenges in planning and construction. At a press conference on 8 September 2016, the directors of the three partners - Centrale Nantes, ensa Nantes, and URCAUE, presented their joint agreements and strategies within a restructured Pôle Atlantique.

The ensa Nantes, Centrale Nantes and URCAUE partnership within the Pôle Atlantique contributes to the goal of broadening the range of continuing education offered to the various professionals that each member encounters through its own activities: young graduates taking up their first employment, active professional people seeking to enhance their skills or to specialize, employees or professionals in private practice.

*Ensa Nantes (École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes) - one of 20 French schools that prepare students for the state diploma in architecture.

*URCAUE federates the five CAUEs (Councils of Architecture, Urbanism and Environment) of the Pays de la Loire region.

  • More about the Centrale Nantes partnership within the Pôle Atlantique Executive Education
Published on March 9, 2017 Updated on October 19, 2017