Advanced Master - Expert in composite materials engineering and production methods

Mastère spécialisé® Expert en ingénierie des matériaux composites et leurs procédés de fabrication
This advanced master is accessible to students, who have a master degree or equivalent, or to company managers wishing to specialize in the field of composites (see below for eligibility). It prepares its graduates for a career in design offices, methods offices, research departments in aeronautics, automotive, naval or construction sectors, mechanical or civil engineering, manufacture of sports items and equipment.

Programme Content

NB This programme is taught in French.

First semester

  • Theory: Thermomechanics of continuous media; Numerical models; Thermokinetics; Emerging materials and processes
  • Specific courses: Homogenization; Mechanical characterization; CND composites; Materials and durability; LCM Liquid Composite Molding
  • External speakers from industry

Second Semester:

Internship leading to a thesis.


This programme is open to holders of:
  • a 'diplôme d'ingénieur' accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs
  • a two year Master degree
  • a one-year master degree or equivalent plus three years of professional experience
  • a diploma awarded abroad equivalent to the above.

Academic and industrial partners

Centrale Nantes
Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers
Teaching staff of the Université de Nantes
Technocampus Composites
IRT Jules Verne
Airbus Group Innovation, CETIM, DAHER, ESI Group and Faurecia

Teaching staff

Academic staff: C. Binetruy, N. Boyard, P. Cartraud,  S. Comas-Cardona, F. Chinesta, D. Delaunay, F. Jacquemin, V. Sobotka, ...

Industry representatives are heavily involved throughout the master - in teaching programmes, supervising projects and in candidate selection and recruitment.

Practical information

Timing of Applications
Mid-June: 1st recruitment session
Mid-July: 2nd recruitment session
: Courses start
Published on March 27, 2017 Updated on May 2, 2018