Connected Home for Healthcare

Head: Emilie Poirson
Group and project management: Emilie Poirson
Pedagogical support: Morgan Magnin
Nantes University Hospital contact: Thomas Le Chevallier, DSIN Operations Director


To train engineers to successfully undertake real-world public health projects within efficiently organized project teams. 


  • Provide a prototype of a connected home for healthcare:
  • Improved remote detection and monitoring of pathologies (healthcare data representations, modeling, optimization, big data tools, etc)
  • Adaptation of sensors to patients and healthcare data (connected objects adapted to pathologies and patients, universal design, etc)
  • Securing medical data (storage, transfer, confidentiality etc)
  • Acceptance of connected devices (human-machine interface, psychology, ergonomics etc)
  • Study of the global system of remote health monitoring (ethics, policies, public finances, organization, system etc)
A pedagogical solution to meet each requirement!

A customized training programme

This new project-based teaching method will allow students to acquire competences in a different way thanks to:
  • Full immersion in a professional environment
  • A customized training programme
  • Agile and autonomous organisation
  • Dedicated platforms at Centrale Nantes and Nantes University Hospital
  • Tailored support
  • An opportunity for concrete action on a major public healthcare project


  • A connected home concept: principle, ethical considerations, collection and processing system for medical data, etc
  • A digital model to illustrate the concept
  • A physical part prototype
  • A draft business plan (financing, operations etc)
  • Regular deliverables throughout the project (minutes, progress reports, plans etc)


A project-based specialisation

Another way to acquire engineering skills:
  • Project engineering
  • Change management
  • Managing complexity
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork


Published on September 1, 2016 Updated on March 27, 2019