Virtual Reality: immersive room and tactile video wall

VIVRE.lab : Visualization, Interaction and Virtual Reality Environments

Designed for teaching as well as research, this immersive room is equipped with a passive 3D projection system for real-time complex model simulation.

Thanks to the 8-camera ART full-body tracking system, it is possible to fully immerse the user for various applications ranging from product design, in complete use environments, to simulations of industrial or medical sites. Thanks to a Haption haptic arm with 6D force feedback, it is possible to virtually manipulate virtual world objects to prove concepts and save time in physical prototyping.

Complemented by Creaform 3D color scanners, an immersive sound system and other peripheral tools (oculus, kinect, tablets etc), the platform aims to provide permanent iteration between real and virtual worlds.

Moreover, thanks to its location in Centrale Nantes, it benefits from an undeniable asset for engineering training: the physical configuration of the room is modelled on the industrial world of tomorrow: from creation of the business concept to virtual design to visualization / simulation in the immersive room.

This equipment was co-financed by S.mart (ex AIP PRIMECA), Centrale Nantes, the Pays de la Loire region and Nantes Métropole.
LS2N research groups: IS3P, Robotics, Psycotec
Contact: Florent Laroche

Tactile video wall

This facility is one of the technical platforms of the IRSTV (Institut de Recherche en Sciences et Techniques de la Ville), federating transversal activities in the fields of the representation and modelling of physical phenomena of cities. It will also be an experimentation tool for urban stakeholders (researchers, decision-makers, town planners, etc.) and a demonstration tool (showroom).

Objective: use this tactile wall as a support for representation, collaborative work and dissemination of scientific results.
It consists of a set of screens forming a single large screen which the user can manipulate by touch.
The tactile wall is installed in the T building at Centrale Nantes.
Published on May 17, 2018 Updated on March 9, 2023