Centrale Nantes - partner of Atlanstic 2020

Digital sciences in the Pays de la Loire region, building skills to develop future uses

Atlanstic 2020 is a 5-year programme led by the University of Nantes. It federates the regional ecosystem in digital sciences to rise to the challenges of the digital revolution, to improve the visibility and attractiveness of the digital sector in the Pays de la Loire region and to cope with the high demand for workers in this sector.
Atlanstic 2020 focuses on the strategic areas of innovation, which bridge the link between regional academic and industrial know-how and the development of new markets and uses:
  • Industry of the future
  • Healthcare of the future
  • Green IT
  • Smart devices
  • Intelligent city
  • Education and programming

Relying on areas of research excellence:

A collective initiative

  • Universities: Angers, Nantes, Maine
  • Engineering schools: Centrale Nantes, IMT Atlantique
  • Research bodies: CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), INRIA (French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics)
  • Competitiveness Clusters and professional associations: Images & réseaux, emc2, Atlanpole Biothérapies, ADN Ouest
Atlanstic 2020 is backed by public authorities: Europe, Pays de la Loire region, Nantes Métropole, Angers Loire Métropole, Le Mans Métropole.

Atlanstic 2020 brings together Research, Training, and Innovation, with specific objectives for each component.

Research: inventing tomorrow’s world

Following on from the CNRS AtlanSTIC federation, the research teams involved are aiming to extend their influence within Europe and internationally in computer science and cybernetics in five areas of expertise:
Data science / Complex systems / Content and interactions / Software sciences / Robotics

Training: planning ahead

The objective: building diversified and appropriate training programmes
Digital training covers the following areas: Robotics / Automatic Control / Computer-integrated manufacturing / Computer Science
The ambition in the broad sense is to give prominence to the regional digital training programmes on offer in the sectors where demand for workers is high.

Innovation: driving change in business

The emergence of innovative services, whether personalized, collaborative or simply more practical, gives rise to new economic models and disrupts most sectors of activity.
At the same time, the rise of digital technology facilitates interactions, decision-making and production processes, irreversibly changing the way consumers and businesses get information, communicate, produce and trade.

Published on September 18, 2017 Updated on June 30, 2020