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A second win for Centrale Nantes students at ICAre 2018!

Congratulations to all our students who took part and convincingly defended their title at ICAre 2018!

on November 20, 2018

23 different artistic events brought together the students from the Ecoles Centrales Group in Lille last weekend for ICAre 2018.

Centrale Nantes finished first overall with 85 points, ahead of Centrale Lille (39 points), Centrale Paris (32 points), Marseille (19 points) and Centrale Lyon (5 points).

In the individual events Centrale Nantes topped the podium in the following:

Drawing: Manon Vlieghe - Cartoon: Manon Vlieghe - Make-up: Manon Vlieghe - Painting: Alexis Dupuis - Dance: Audrey Boyenval - Theatre: La Comédie d'Ascalie Antoine Laroye, Sarah Liederman, Kalyan Pourouchottamin, Sylvain Cailliez, Maxime Ameil & Léo Malbrand) - Circus: Les Saltimbanques (Gaëlle Djerroud, Maxime Guldner, Hugo Hayard, Jérôme Kayzer & Antoine Colson) - Improvisation: La Tribu (Tuc Nguyen, Mathieu Rey-Herme, Kalyan Pourouchottamin, Baptiste Marlet, Octave Perrin & Vincent Espinasse) - Photography: Léa Guipouy, Samuel Delabre & Jérôme Germain - Rap: Tuc Nguyen - Comedy: Antoine Laroye - Eloquence: Gaétan Moisson-Franckhauser - Short film: CNT-CNC - Chamber music: COGEN

Published on November 20, 2018 Updated on November 20, 2018