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Executive Education: the first four ‘MRE Technical Advisors’ receive their certificates from Centrale Nantes and the University of Nantes

The first four participants who completed all the modules received their certificate on May 17 on the Technocampus Ocean site, where the course provided by Centrale Nantes and the University of Nantes was held.

on May 18, 2017

Objective: provide the keys to understanding the MRE sector

This vocational training course aims to provide the keys to understanding the overall environment of MREs for future professionals in this sector.

This course is provided within the framework of the WEst Atlantic Marine Energy Community (WEAMEC) and consists of 9 modules, i.e. 17 days of training. It provides a comprehensive overview of the sector, from preliminary project study to project engineering and from devices to farm exploitation. According to Willy Blasin, one of the successful participants: "The diversity of the modules allows you to acquire a variety of skills, such as understanding and anticipating the issues involved in the sharing of maritime space, designing test campaigns for a given technology, liaising with the design offices or designing the bases of a fixed or floating structure. "

Three out of the four participants to obtain their course certificate in 2017 were job seekers. At the conclusion of the course, one of the participants, Audrie Jordan, had already secured a position as "Export Sales Manager" for Geps Techno (developer of innovative solutions for the recovery of marine energies based in Pays de la Loire). She said that the training was "of high quality allowing for very rewarding exchanges with the trainers and industry professionals; it provided the keys to put this developing activity into perspective"

The varied expertise of the trainers, from Centrale Nantes and the University of Nantes, but also from industry, ensures that the course is firmly rooted in the real world and in the emerging practices of the sector. "The trainers are at the heart of the projects; they are competent, captivating and attentive to trainee expectations" said Benoit Tothe, another of the course participants.

A recognized certificate for a tailor-made course

The ‘MRE Technical Advisor’ course is listed with the RNCP (Répertoire National de la certification professionnelle - National Directory of Professional Certification) and eligible for the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation - Personnel Training Account) in the Pays de la Loire region. Eligibility agreements by branch are under way at national level. It therefore targets both active professionals and job seekers seeking to specialise or retrain. Each module is accessible independently and can be followed "à la carte". The number of trainee hours completed in 2016 within the framework of Weamec was 224 hours, and in the first half of 2017, 847 trainee hours were completed as part of the ‘MRE Technical Advisor’ course. An ‘MRE Technical Advisor’ certificate is awarded to participants who have covered all the course modules.

13 expert modules are also on offer to professionals with the objective of reinforcing their skills on specific topics such as impact studies, installation and mooring or infrastructure instrumentation.

Published on October 19, 2017 Updated on April 24, 2018