Iségoria Conference: Jacques Testart on "Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism: Progress or Threat?"

The Isegoria student association is pleased to invite you to a conference-debate with Jacques Testart - Biologist, Doctor of Science and Honorary Research Director at I.N.S.E.R.M. on the theme "Artificial intelligence and transhumanism: progress or threat? "

On January 31, 2019 from 18:30 To 21:00

On January 31, 2019 from 18:30 To 21:00

The philosopher André Comte Sponville wrote "Science, all science, is without conscience or limits." While progresss continues to be made in medicine, and while scientific advances have significantly prolonged life expectancy, some see further: transhumanism. Science could one day make man immortal, "improve" his abilities in all areas.

In this context, Isegoria is honoured to welcome, on Thursday 31 January, Jacques Testart, scientific father of the first test tube baby, specialist in issues related to procreation, and opposed to a science with uncontrolled advances.

Published on January 24, 2019 Updated on January 24, 2019