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Open Day 2017: Saturday, October 7 on campus

Centrale Nantes is taking part again in the annual "Fête de la Science" (Science Fair) and will be opening its doors to you. Calling all science amateurs and enthusiasts, prospective students or just the curious to come discover our laboratories and teaching platforms, student projects and new for this year, the "Les Femmes du numérique" (Digital Women) exhibition! Doors open from 2 pm to 6 pm on Saturday 7 October 2017.

On October 7, 2017 from 14:00 To 18:00

The 2017 Fête de la Science will run nationally from 7 to 15 October. The aim of this new edition is to give a taste for science and to raise public awareness of the main scientific issues through activities, visits, conferences or scientific pathways.

2017 programme:

2.30 PM: ROUND TABLE FOR PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS about the engineering programme (diplôme d’ingénieur):

Meet teaching staff and students
• Presentation of the curriculum and the pedagogical approach
• Presentation of campus life, clubs and associations

If you can't make it, follow the conference live on our web TV: https://webtv.ec-nantes.fr/centrale-nantes-live/portes-ouvertes-centrale-nantes-1

Find out all about: the Centrale Nantes engineering programme “diplôme d’ingénieur”; degree apprenticeships across 1 or 3 years, year out in industry; the double degrees in Engineering and Management, Engineering and Architecture, Engineering and Management, Engineering and Naval Studies; double degrees abroad, international mobility; mobility within the Ecoles Centrale Group - Lille, Lyon, Marseille or Paris; the 21 second and third year specialisations and the 3rd year professional options; research degrees.


SUPERCOMPUTER: LIGER is a Tier2 BULLx DLC parallel scalar supercomputer currently with 6384 cores on 266 nodes, soon be extended to 11000 cores to achieve a theoretical computing power close to 0.5 PFlops. Its applications: marine renewable energies (simulation of offshore wind turbines), direct simulation based on 3D imagery for healthcare (direct calculation on MRI geometries) and materials (calculation on X-ray tomography)

COMPUTER-INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING: from product design to industrialization: presentation of the integrated development of products and processes (CAD / CAM software) and machining on multi-axis CNC machine tools, three-dimensional measurement with and without contact, shape digitisation and rapid prototyping parts display. Demonstration of an industrial manipulator robot. Presentation on 3D scanning using the HandyScan scanner in the P building.

DYNAMIC AND STATIC TEST CENTRE: test facilities for the dynamic characterization of materials, on impact and in crashes (cannons, crossbow, drop shaft etc). Permanent demonstrations, thermal camera. Live test of a crash box made of composite material, developed for racing cars.

ROBOTICS PLATFORM:  Parallel robots: 3 and 5 axis Orthoglide platforms, IRSBot fast robot, low environmental impact robot, Dextar robot designer. Drones. Intelligent vehicles. Electric actuator and electro-pneumatic actuator (video). Driving simulator

RAPID MANUFACTURING PLATFORM: Additive manufacturing by laser fusion - robotic welding

ATMOSPHERIC WIND TUNNELS: (Particle Image Velocimetry): atmospheric wind tunnel for the physical modelling of flows in the very low atmosphere.

HYDRODYNAMIC AND OCEAN ENGINEERING TANK: at 50 m long, 30 m wide and 5 m deep, with a central shaft 10 m deep, this is the largest tank in France for this kind of testing. Its wave generator makes it possible to reproduce the strong swells encountered across the world’s oceans. It is equipped with a wind generator simulating the extreme conditions to which marine structures (ships, oil rigs, floating wind turbines, etc.) are subjected.

TOWING TANK: 148 m long, 5 m wide and 3 m deep. Equipped with its towing carriage it can test the performance of ship hulls. It is an essential testing facility for design and innovation in the naval field.


Centrale Nantes HYDROproject, 2017 finalist and 2016 winner of the Hydrocontest competition in the light boat category. Hydrocontest is an international student contest dedicated to water and maritime energy efficiency, concluded in 2016 with the victory of Centrale Nantes HYDROproject in the "light boat" category. The model of the light vessel produced in the Fablab by a team of Centrale Nantes students will be on display. Come and meet them and find out about their next challenge! > See updates on Hydroproject

Centrale Vert, discover their permaculture vegetable garden! > Find out more

This year, Centrale Nantes is pleased to host the traveling digital exhibition "Les Femmes du numérique" proposed by Atlanstic 2020. Sophie Sakka, lecturer and researcher at Centrale Nantes, is one of the women honoured in this exhibition. She works on Rob'autisme, a unique experiment involving interaction between a robot and autistic children.

Published on September 6, 2017 Updated on July 19, 2018