Ouest Industries Créatives Innovation Day

The perspective of user experience is today at the heart of innovation and design of the urban environment (city, housing, shops, health and culture). A modern and up-to-date method for designing and innovating in urban planning. Ouest Industries Créatives is hosting a day of conferences and debates around the new tools and methods of evaluation of user experience in the Pays de la Loire region.

On February 8, 2019 from 10:30 To 16:00

On February 8, 2019 from 10:30 To 16:00

This event is organized by Ouest Creative Industries, a regional Research, Training & Innovation programme of which Centrale Nantes is a partner. The aim is to bring together the socio-economic and academic players to focus on these new approaches to user experience in the region.

The event features round tables, conferences, debates and networking on the various key themes. Free entry - register to take part.

Published on January 24, 2019 Updated on January 24, 2019