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[REPLAY] Vincent Liegey - 5th Ecological Transition Morning

View here the video of the full conference (in French) with Vincent Liegey filmed on 19th March 2019 for the fifth Ecological Transition Morning at Centrale Nantes.

on May 7, 2019

For the 5th Ecological Transition Morning at Centrale Nantes, Vincent Liegey spoke on the subject of "The Engineer and Degrowth".

Vincent Liegey is a specialist in degrowth. An engineering graduate, essayist and lecturer, he co-authored "Un projet de décroissance" (published in 2013 by Utopia), a book that deals with the different technical, social, environmental and economic aspects of degrowth.

The video is online on our YouTube channel.

Published on May 7, 2019 Updated on May 7, 2019