Health and Safety Committee


The role of the Health and Safety Committee is to:
  • Conduct laboratory or office inspections, either on a systematic basis, as and when new installations are put in place, or following observed or reported failures to follow regulations.
  • Undertake analysis of workplace accidents, illnesses or work-related illnesses. The investigation is carried out by two members of the committee (one representing the school authorities, and the other, the personnel) as well as the Health and Safety Officer and the local Health and Safety representative. They may be assisted by other members of the committee and the Health and Safety doctor. The Committee is kept informed of the conclusions of the investigation and the follow-up. 
  • Take note of remarks and suggestions relating to the prevention of workplace risks and to the improvement of working conditions, as noted on the health and safety registers provided in each building and on the general register available at reception.
  • Read the contents of inspection reports and the annual report of the Health and Safety doctor.  
  • Give its opinion on the annual report and local prevention programme presented by the Director
  • Be consulted on health and safety training programmes, including their implementation 
Should a member observe a source of danger, he will inform the relevant department head. Should the danger be imminent he will record it on the register for serious/imminent danger held by the school authorities.


The Health and Safety Committee is composed of:
  • The director of Centrale Nantes, who chairs the committee. In his/her absence, the General Administration Director acts as chair;
  • The Human Resources Director
  • 5 staff representatives, designated by the trade unions with the strongest representation (as per the elections for the Technical Committee).

The Health and Safety Officer, the Health and Safety doctor and the School Nurse also attend Committee meetings in a consultative role.

The government-appointed Health and Safety inspectors with authority for Centrale Nantes are informed of the Committee meetings and may attend.

A deputy is designated for each member; they can attend each meeting, but only have the right to deliberate when substituting for an absent member. According to the meeting agenda, staff trained in prevention techniques in the department concerned may be invited to attend Committee meetings.

The Chair may also decide to invite along to a meeting in a support role other members of staff with particular responsibility for or interest in a question or project submitted to the Committee.
Published on November 30, 2016 Updated on January 16, 2020