Technical Committee


The Technical Committee is consulted on questions regarding department organisation and operations, staff recruitment, health and safety, as well as human resources policy. A report on the establishment's social policy is presented to the Committee annually.


Chair: Arnaud POITOU

  • Staff Representatives:
Members: Robert BOISLIVEAU, Sylvie BOMSKI, Pascal CHESSE, Pierrick GUEGAN, LE ROC'H Aline, Jean-Marc ROUSSET, Jean-Paul FERNANDEZ, Laurent TURBE.
Deputies: Jean-Michel LEBRUN, Isabelle LANGLET, Guillaume DUCROZET, Franck PLESTAN, Nicolas PERROT, Estelle BENETEAU, Gilles MARCKMANN, Yves JULIENNE.
  • Representing the school authorities:
Members: Arnaud POITOU, Rafika DRIF.
Deputies: Patrice CARTRAUD, Annabelle WAJS.
Published on November 30, 2016 Updated on January 9, 2018