Corporate Partnerships and Careers Service


The Corporate Partnerships and Careers team works closely with companies on:

  •      developing corporate partnership actions
  •      putting together corporate events
  •      developing synergies between companies, schools and students
  •      running the apprenticeship tax campaign
  •      supporting degree apprenticeship programmes

The team also provides support to students and graduates on:

  •      career plans,
  •      job applications,
  •      internship or job seeking,
  •      career changes.


Affiliated institution(s)
Development Department
Laure QUEDILLAC: Head of corporate partnerships & apprenticeship tax, deputy director of the Centrale-Audencia-ensa incubator.

Alice LEVARD: corporate partnerships and apprenticeship tax

Alison DURAND: assistant

Fabienne Hamon: HR Coaching for students

Yvane LE DOT: HR Coaching for Alumni

Published on March 18, 2017 Updated on September 5, 2019