Academic Affairs


The department of Academic Affairs ensures the smooth running of the curricula leading to the award of Centrale Nantes diplomas. The department is headed up by the Dean of Studies with the support of six teaching departments, deputy deans and the student affairs office.

02 40 37 68 69


Dean of studies: David Chalet |

  • Assistant Dean of Studies for Master's programmes: Patrick Rozycki |
  • Assistant Dean of Studies for the first year engineering programme: Georges Salameh |
  • Assistant Dean of Studies for the second/third year engineering programme: ( Normand |
  • Assistant Dean of Studies for degree apprenticeship programmes: Jean-Sébastien Le Brizaut
  • Assistant Dean of Studies for ICT in Education: Morgan Magnin
  • Academic Affairs Administrative Assistants:
    • Nathalie Yziquel (50%) |
    • Mélina Baffou (50%) |
  • Bachelor programme officer: Hinde Rtiby
  • ITII degree apprenticeship programme officer: Catherine Lerebourg
  • Project manager: Anthony Goupil
  • Student Affairs: | Delphine Rousseau (Resp.), Mélina Baffou (50%), Alexia Cosnard, Rozenn Desbordes, Anne-Laure Desmortiers, Christine Roue, Gaelle Souchet-Delcroix, Flora Viault
  • ICT in Education Team: Morgan Magnin, Dominika Jankosikova (, Gwenaelle Le Mauff, Romain Plourde (
  • Student Life Team: Stéphanie Breuil (, Hélène Derouineau (, Estelle Bénéteau (, Émilie Guyot (


Published on March 16, 2017 Updated on September 25, 2023