Accounting and Invoicing Office


The Centrale Nantes accounting officer is subject to the specific rules applicable to public accountants. This role is filled pursuant to the Director’s proposal by a joint order of the Ministry of the Budget and the MESRI. He/she attends meetings of the Board of Governors and various other school bodies in an advisory capacity.

The accounting officer remains independent with regard to the authorising officers and the authorities that appointed him/her. He/she is responsible for drawing up the financial accounts and for the general and budgetary accounts which he/she shares with the authorising officer. He/she is personally and financially liable for the operations carried out by him/her and also for the operations of the staff under his/her authority.

In the performance of his/her duties, he/she carries out the statutory checks which entail his/her responsibility. He/she executes the authorising officer's decisions within a regulatory framework.

The accounting team is open to students for the payment of their tuition fees as well as to school staff for various payments.



Affiliated institution(s)
Director's Office
Onja Andriamiandra (
02 40 37 25 01

Christine CAJAN (
02 40 37 25 58

Pélagie Uwamahoro (
02 40 37 26 16
Published on December 14, 2017 Updated on January 27, 2022