International Relations Department


The International Relations Department contributes to the attractiveness and international visibility of training and research at Centrale Nantes through the following core activities:
  • Developing partnerships with European and non-European higher education institutions, and ensuring a strong presence in international networks;
  • Promoting the incoming and outgoing mobility of students in Double Degree, Master and PhD programmes and proving individual support to each student;
  • Participating actively in European and international higher education projects of excellence.



  • Vincent FREMONT, ext. 2574: Director of International Relations
  • Ina TARALOVA, ext. 6998: Deputy Director of International Relations (international students)
  • Frédéric DOREL, ext. 1624: Deputy Director of International Relations (outgoing mobility)
  • Anne-Laure FREMONDIERE, ext. 6827: General Manager of International Relations
  • Ilde AGRESTA, 02 55 58 90 63: Mobility scholarships - Erasmus+ - EIFFEL – Envoléo
  • Alice BERTRANDIE, ext. 90 67: Admin Assistant - Admin – Housing - Immigration
  • Leslie CUBIZOLLES, ext 6836: International Masters - JEMARO – Promotion – Recruitment – Admission
  • Emily DUCOIN-CHAI, ext 2524: Recuitment of international students - Foundation Masters - Fast Track
  • Clémentine HOUSSAIS, ext. 1580: International mobility for the engineering programme - Double Degree - Study semesters - Supervised mobility
  • Caroline KERELLO, ext 1518: Scholarships and European and international projects - Erasmus+ Cooperation – Capacity building - UPNM
  • Marie-Pierre PECHOUTRE, ext 6851: International Masters - E-PiCo – Promotion – Recruitment – Admission
  • Cécilia PROVOST, ext 6996: Budget and European projects - Project set-up and monitoring – Budgets
  • Linda SERANDOUR, 02 55 58 90 64: International partnerships - NExT - Partnerships – PhD partnerships

Academic advisors

A number of professors work with the International Relations Department as advisors, most of whom take responsibility for a geographic area:
Lebanon Frédéric GRONDIN
Russia and Centrale Europe Patrick ROZYCKI
Australia, UK, New Zealand Aurélien SERANDOUR
USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium Frédéric DOREL
India, Masters Erasmus Mundus Fouad BENNIS
Morocco Ahmed LOUKILI
Japan Morgan MAGNIN
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Guillaume MOREAU
Latin America Josep PINYOL-VIDAL
Scandinavia, Netherlands Olivier KERMORGANT

and Myriam SERVIERES
Published on November 25, 2008 Updated on June 2, 2021