International Relations Department


The International Relations team plays an important role for the engineering students at Centrale Nantes. The team ensures the management of all study stays abroad for the French engineering students who spend, on average, four months abroad during their three years of studies. The team also ensures that international students are welcomed and well integrated at Centrale Nantes.


  • Fouad BENNIS, ext. 2574: Director of International Relations
  • Anne-Laure FREMONDIERE, ext. 6827: International Cooperation Manager
  • Marie-Pierre PECHOUTRE, ext 6851: International Relations Manager
  • Leslie CUBIZOLLES, ext 6836: International Relations Manager
  • Emily DUCOIN-CHAI, ext 2524: International Relations Manager
  • Clémentine HOUSSAIS, ext. 1580: International Mobility Manager
  • Caroline KERELLO, ext 1518: Mobility Scholarship Manager
  • Cécilia PROVOST, ext 6996: European Project Manager
  • Fanny BALQUIERE, ext 6868: International Relations Assistant
  • Linda SERANDOUR: International Partnerships Manager
  • Ilde AGRESTA, ext 9063: Mobility Scholarship Manager
Published on November 25, 2008 Updated on January 8, 2020