The IT Department is in charge of the IT services and networks within the establishment. It fulfills the following tasks:
  • guarantees the quality of the IT network and services: availability, reliability, performance and technological development;
  • responds to the functional requirements of the administrative, teaching and research departments;
  • works with the ICT in Education (Information and Communication Technologies in Education) department to provide the structures and platforms necessary for the implementation of a digital teaching methods;
  • ensures the processing and availability of data in the ERP;
  • provides network and IT services for laboratories and research teams, while respecting their financial independence and autonomy;
  • meets the common audiovisual needs of the various departments.

On a daily basis, the staff of the Information Systems Department divide their time between:
  • Maintenance, monitoring and development of production solutions
  • Design, and deployment of new projects and services.


Affiliated institution(s)
General Administration Department
Jean-François LOGE, Head of IT Systems

Organisation Chart (in French):

Published on March 11, 2017 Updated on December 16, 2022